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Here at, we’ll provide you with an extensive range of garden ideas, interior design ideas, home decor ideas, and many other ideas related to your house and furniture. With expert tutorials, inspiring how-to projects, and love for crafty, we are passionate about helping you tackle the job in the DIY world, whatever it may be.

DIY For Useful Living

DIY for Useful Living is about making everyday things useful and interesting through DIY. Be inspired by easy-to-follow step-by-step guides, as well as helpful tips and tricks from expert crafters. Whether it’s home decorating, crafting, or making something for your children, we’re here to help with practical and informative projects that you can do yourself

Homemade Toys & Games Ideas

Make your own homemade toys, games, and creative activities using things you probably have at home. We’ve gathered together some great ideas for you to try out or use as inspiration for your own new toys and games for kids. They are all made from readily-accessible items and are safe for kids to play with.