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15 Best DIY Bean Bag Chair Ideas

Bean bag chairs are a popular choice for kids, college students, and those who want to amp up the coziness of their home. They’re a great alternative to couches and beds, and they’re portable enough that you can easily use them as extra seating when you have guests over or even take them on camping trips. Bean bags are also fun to showcase a colorful personality or theme. With these 15 DIY Bean Bag Chair Ideas, you’ll find a new collection of colorful and creative chairs. You’ll be able to decorate the room, create a comfortable place to sit and relax, and recycle bags into something completely new.'”

Creative DIY Bean Bag Chair Ideas

15 DIY Bean Bag Chair Ideas

DIY bean bag chairs are way more fun than store-bought ones and easy to make. Plus, there’s an enormous variety of styles you can pick from. We’ve rounded up some of the most fun DIY bean bag chair ideas we could find from around the internet—so many cool things you can do with a fabric bag filled with beans. Some of these you’ve probably seen before (but don’t be surprised if there are a few new ones that take your fancy, too!). Who knew so many different ways to make a bean bag chair? Gather up some old pillows and a few other materials, and you’ll be able to create a seat that is cozy and perfect for kicking back in.

Benefits Of DIY Bean Bag Chair Ideas

  • Cost-effective: Building your bean bag chair can save you money compared to purchasing a pre-made one.
  • Customization: You can customize the size, design, and materials to fit your specific needs and preferences.
  • Comfort: With a custom-built bean bag chair, you can ensure that it fits your body and provides maximum comfort.
  • Personalization: Creating your bean bag chair allows you to personalize it to match your taste and style.
  • Sense of accomplishment: Completing a DIY project can give you a sense of pride and satisfaction.
  • Eco-friendly: Using natural materials and repurposing old items to build your bean bag chair is an environmentally friendly option.
  • Fun activity: Doing DIY projects with friends or family can be a fun and bonding experience.
  • Skill development: Building a DIY bean bag chair can help develop skills such as sewing, upholstery, and stuffing techniques.
  • Durable: A DIY bean bag chair will be more durable and long-lasting if built with high-quality materials.
  • Space-saving: DIY bean bag chair ideas can help optimize your living space and add extra seating options.

Kids Bean Bag Chair (Sew in 30 Mins)

 Kids Bean Bag Chair (Sew in 30 Mins)Kids love to play bean bags, but it’s not always easy to get them outside. This DIY Bean Bag Chair is easy to make and only takes 30 minutes! Great for sports, playrooms and anything else that needs a bean bag chair. The Bean Bag Chair is a fun and easy project for all ages! The kids love playing around on it. It’s also great for relaxing, reading or watching a movie. Made with polyester fabric, elastic and beans. Headrest, straps and seat cushion included in the kit are not included.

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Make a Giant Bean Bag Chair

 Make a Giant Bean Bag ChairYour kids, friends, or yourself will love having this giant bean bag chair at home. So much comfier than lying on the floor and so great you will never want to get up. All you need is a little bit of sewing and sewing skills. A bean bag chair isn’t just any old armchair. It’s a place to chill, a comfortable chair that can be moved around and repositioned as needed. They can be reupholstered, reconfigured and rearranged to suit your space and style. The DIY Giant Bean Bag Chair is not just for kids! This simple tutorial will help you sew your own giant bean bag chair. Make one now!

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DIY Bean Bag With A Handle

 DIY Bean Bag With A HandleIf you’re looking for a great way to add some extra seating to your home without breaking the bank, this DIY bean bag chair is the way to go. It’s easy and quick to make and only costs about $20. You can customize it by adding a handle or making a larger chair. This DIY bean bag chair will help you to get cozy and stay comfortable when watching a movie or reading a book. It comes with an easy-to-use handle for portability and storage.

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DIY Bean Bag iPad Stand

DIY Bean Bag iPad StandNeed a cozy way to read your iPad? Look no further. With this simple DIY tutorial, you can make an iPad stand out of a bean bag chair and get cozy on the couch again. The DIY Bean Bag iPad Stand is perfect for your morning coffee or anytime you want to lounge around with your iPad. You can also use it to prop up your laptop and even use it as an ottoman. It’s a great addition to any room! Make an iPad stand out of a bean bag and a cutting board. Make it even better with a little cup holder, too! This is the perfect way to make your tablet stand more comfortable and practical.

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Football Bean Bag

 Football Bean BagTeach your children the basics of home decor with this DIY football bean bag chair. This project is perfect for any child who likes sports or is learning about sewing. Keep your gaming room cozy with a DIY football bean bag chair. This is the perfect activity for your kids; you can even make it using their favorite team’s colors! You can use this DIY Football Bean Bag for almost anything you want. It will be a great addition to your patio or deck and provide comfort as you cozy up in your favorite reading chair.

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How to Make a Pyramid Beanbag Chair

 How to Make a Pyramid Beanbag ChairA bean bag chair is a great place to rest, but your traditional bean bag chair can get boring. Why not jazz up your beanbag with a few simple sewing skills? With some material and clever sewing, you can make this pyramid-shaped beanbag chair. The best part is once you’ve made it, it will be much more comfortable than any other form of bean bag chair that you have probably tried! This DIY project only requires a few hours to make and is guaranteed to be comfortable.

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Bean Bags With Stuffed Animals

Bean Bags With Stuffed AnimalsThat’s right. You can make your own bean bag chair by stitching together the fabric. The technique used to create a bean bag is called slip covering or reversible knitting. The advantage of this method is that you can easily remove the stuffing and wash the bag when it gets dirty, adding new stuffing as necessary. Rest your head on this bean bag chair that has little stuffed animals. With cute furry animals to snuggle with, it will be the perfect addition to a room or nursery.

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Easy Bean Bag

Easy Bean BagDIY your own bean bag chair. This is a great project to upgrade your kids’ living room, den, or dorm room. With a few simple steps, you’ll have a hand-made bean bag that will bring years of enjoyment! This DIY bean bag chair may seem complicated at first glance, but it’s super easy, especially if you follow these step-by-step instructions. Follow these step-by-step instructions, and before you know it, you’ll relax in your own bean bag.

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How to Make a DIY Bean Bag Chair

 How to Make a DIY Bean Bag ChairHaving a bean bag chair in your home is a great way to add style, comfort and fun to a room. This simple DIY tutorial will teach you how to make a bean bag chair out of a recycled fabric shopping bag! You can add color by spraying your beanbag with water and letting it dry. You can sew this bean bag with different colored fabrics and include more pockets if you prefer. This tutorial will teach you how to make a DIY Bean Bag Chair from scratch, using only a few materials and lots of coffee.

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Bean Bags for Kids

 Bean Bags for KidsBean bags provide a perfect place to relax and watch TV, read a book, or even to enjoy a game of cards. This DIY bean bag chair is easy and inexpensive. The bag will be so much fun sitting in two places in your home! The creator of this bean bag uses a simple design that is easy to sew. It makes a great addition to any kids’ room, playroom or bedroom. Not only will it provide snuggle time for your little one, but it’s also a super cute and cozy place for them to do homework or hang out with friends!

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No-Sew Bean Bag

 No-Sew Bean BagHave a little time and the desire to spruce up your living room? Here’s the perfect no-sew bean bag chair DIY project for you. With a few materials and a sewing machine, you’ll have this ultra-comfortable resting spot for yourself or others ready in no time. Bean bag chairs are all the rage, but you can make a large one without sewing. All it takes is an old shirt, some pillows and stuffing. You can customize your bean bag chair by using different fabric patterns on each side.

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DIY Bean Bag Couch

Bean CouchGet ready to sit in comfort with this easy-to-make DIY bean bag couch. It is a great addition to your living room or family room and is so simple that anyone can do it. The only limit is your imagination, so get started and enjoy creating something you’ll love! Make your own bean bag couch! This DIY bean bag chair is an inexpensive and fun way to create a comfortable spot to relax in any room. Follow these easy instructions, and you’ll have a customizable couch perfect for taking a load off!

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Bean Bag Chair Sewing

Easy chair SewingLearn how to make your own bean bag chair with this easy instructions and videos. Your kids will love having their own bean bags to lounge in. It’s great for the family room! The fabric and foam can be ordered online, or you can search for “bean bag chairs” at your local office supply store.” Sew your own bean bag chair with this tutorial. Using a sewing machine and some inexpensive fabric, you’ll make a comfortable seat for reading a book, watching TV or chatting with friends. Give this as a gift, or use it in your own home for extra seating.

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Super Simple DIY Kids Bean Bag Chair

 Super Simple Kids ChairThis simple bean bag is easy to make and super comfy! You can create a very comfortable, soft, and portable bean bag chair with just a few supplies. Your kids (and adults) will love being able to bring it to friends’ houses or out camping. This easy sewing project creates a fun and unique bean bag chair for your kids! The cozy impact fabric will keep them warm, and the inner bean bag will make it ultra-comfortable.

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T-Shirt DIY Bean Bag Chair

 T-Shirt Chair This easy DIY bean bag chair is made with a recycled t-shirt, cardboard and some simple sewing. The pillow seat is extra comfortable and so simple to create! This project is perfect for beginners, even if you’ve never sewn.Create a comfortable and stylish bean bag chair for your home. When you’re finished, use your custom-made bean bag chair to relax after a long day sitting in an office chair or sofa. This easy DIY project doesn’t require sewing skills or prior sewing experience.

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